The coming sea change in CTRM technology

We’ve been seeing it for some time now – the increasing momentum toward adoption of web-delivered and cloud-based CTRM.  We’ve written about it extensively (almost to the point of exhaustion), but it is clearly a trend that will ultimately transform CTRM technology and something like that can’t be ignored.  No doubt about it, web-delivered software adoption is accelerating…Aspect is a perfect example of this.  The company is booking record license sales and revenues for their cloud/SaaS product, AspectCTRM, and they’ve essentially been the bellwether of the coming change. Other companies, like OATI, have been selling hosted solutions, delivered via the web or private network, for a decade or more – in effect selling the same software running on the same type of server, with the differentiation being “do you want the server in your building or ours?”. The significant technology change that we are seeing now is the use of the public cloud…a different proposition from just having the application running on a server in a different location.  A number of vendors are now starting to re-engineer their software to take full advantage of the public clouds, like Azure or Amazon – proven environments with state of the art security,
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