The Commodity Business Just Got Even More Weird …. and Gruesome!

With Halloween just around the corner, I simply couldn’t resist this one. Everyday, I scan google for news using a variety of search terms. Today, an article came up that I read with increasing horror – and yes, I am a writer on the side of ghost and horror books – so it takes something pretty bizarre to upset my sensibilities! I found an article – part 1 of an article – on Reuters about the US business of bodies. Yes – bodies. Dead bodies. Apparently, bodies and body parts are now a commodity too – and a sought after one at that. It is a lightly regulated industry with the potential for abuse and there has been abuse. The supply chain is interesting and is reproduced from the article below but it apparently starts with soliciting donors, brokers, pricing, ordering, renting of body parts and much, much more….. Did you know there were private body part brokers? I did not and I shudder to think about it. Read the full and rather gruesome article here.  
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