The CTRM Software space remains dynamic

Meeting with the good people who attended the CTRM Conference last week, one thing remains apparent. The CTRM software space is very dynamic. Among the delegates were vendors like Q88, Fendahl, InaTech, WinRisk, iRely, Washington Square Technologies, Quantify Solutions, and a number of others whose names perhaps are not as recognizable nor as well known in the CTRM space. The same can be said on the consulting side. There were a good deal of somewhat unfamiliar company names around in amongst the companies that we know so well. It made for a diverse group when one considers that we had a number of senior executives from some of the larger end user companies as well as a number of delegations looking at software. On the final panel of the day, Steve Hughes, CEO of Aspect, asked me how many vendors and products we are tracking and my answer was over 90 vendors and over 120 products. Actually, I am updating that list and we may well now know of more then 100 vendors offering some form of ETRM, CTRM or related software. This despite the tremendous number of mergers and acquisitions that have taken place in the last 15-years or
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