The Elephants not in the Room

With a marketing background, I tend to look at things in those terms at times – brand, position, presence and so on. So last week at ComRisk, I paid a lot of attention to who was sponsoring, exhibiting and attending. Then it hit me. The two largest vendors in CTRM were totally absent – the elephants were not in the room. I queried Commodities People about attendees – nope – not a single person in attendance from either company (unless they came as late registrants). I guess both entities might feel they don’t need to spend money being there after all – they are the dominant pair and extremely well known and to some extent I get that. But, when you are dominant in an industry, being seen to actively support it is also a desirable brand attribute sought out by the broader community isn’t it? Additionally, my strategy if I were still in marketing would be to suggest their absence means something. Yes, if I were the competition, I’d be making some private remarks about their absence and this is how negative brand awareness happens in part isn’t it. If you leave a void, the competitors will fill it… continue reading
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