The Obama Administration’s parting shot at the bald eagle

As I’ve mentioned it this blog before, I enjoy getting out and shooting photographs of birds and wildlife.  In my hundreds of trips around south Texas and the Gulf Coast, I’ve been fortunate to have spotted a bald eagle on less than a half dozen occasions.  When I do see one and am able to get a decent shot, it’s a reason to celebrate. I’ve also noted on this blog my disdain for regulations that allow the wind and solar industries to kill bald eagles, golden eagles and any other raptors or miscellaneous birds that happen to wander in the way of the blades of their turbines or the incendiary hot spots above solar farms.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that industrial progress and improving the human condition does mean that some portion of nature is going to pay a price…it’s the natural balance – just like reintroducing wolves to Yellowstone cost a bunch of deer and elk their lives.  Resources are limited and consuming those resources comes at a cost. That being said, the wind and solar industries hold a unique position in that they are the only entities, outside of a couple of federal agencies, that are
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The Obama Administration’s parting shot at the bald eagle. This article appeared first on CTRM Center.