Thoughts on the Quor and ClearDox Partnering Announcement

Quor recently announced a partnership with ClearDox “to help organizations close the ‘automation gaps’ across the trading lifecycle.” According to the announcement, “the ClearDox intelligent applications leverage the latest AI technologies to digitize and automate critical business tasks and assets.  They are embedded with operational AI-models for eliminating commodity trade lifecycle gaps such as rekeying and matching inventory movement receipts or the manual reconciliation of complex unstructured trades across counterparties and brokers. The ClearDox applications are highly adaptable and integrate seamlessly into the core workflows within Quor. “Whether it is addressing data locked in paper documents or dealing with the unsure nature of the quality and timeliness of the data used in making decisions, eliminating manual, disconnected processes is critical. While commodity organizations are increasing their technology spend to drive efficiencies and improve resiliency against an ever-expanding risk profile, most are still struggling.” noted Rick Nelson, CEO, ClearDox LLC. “We are thrilled to partner with ClearDox to deliver greater value to our customers. The synergy between our platforms offers a compelling value proposition, empowering traders with unparalleled efficiency and insight throughout the commodity trading lifecycle. We are excited to leverage this partnership to drive innovation and create tangible value to… continue reading