Topaz Technology Adding Customers and Capabilities

Topaz Technology is thriving, having added a bunch of customers and with a full pipe of prospects, CEO, Jon Fox told me last week. I hadn’t had a briefing from Topaz in a while so there was a lot to cover, including many significant enhancements that had been made to the solution. These included in the LNG area where apparently, Topaz has seen a lot of interest from the market recently. Here, Topaz has added significant capabilities around LNG cargoes, including optimization and optionality’s, I was told. Other areas of added functionality included around order management and hedging for a metal’s client. In fact, Topaz is still at the stage where customers are driving quite a bit of added functionality with another example being in gas turbines, optimization, and optionality. Jon also said that Topaz had done a lot of work on swings and storage modelling – especially in price processes. The key term in the conversation was flexibility it seemed to me. Topaz of course allows users to define and use their own models including what it terms ‘pluggable price processes’- this means that the system is extremely flexible, and users can change models quite rapidly as well as… continue reading

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