Topaz Technology Expanding its Footprint Amid Growth

Early in the new year, I had a chance to catch up with Jo Finnigan and Justin Howat of Topaz Technology. Topaz continues to grow and add new customers, with three new clients in the last few months and a very full opportunities pipeline, they told me. At this stage in the vendor’s growth and evolution, adding customers willing to co-develop is important and helps to speed up the software’s functional expansion. Indeed, in recent months, Topaz has used this mechanism along with considerable internal R&D investment, to add significant functionality in areas like LNG, metals derivatives and risk management, more complete portfolio management, and P&L explain enhancements. This has meant that Topaz is now more than an advanced risk analytics solution but has the middle office capabilities, required by many risk managers, of their CTRM solutions as well as portfolio management, they said. “We are more than a risk analytics tool now,” Justin explained. “We provide the functionality not well served by E/CTRM solutions in areas like close of day calculations and reporting including P&L and intra-day valuation.” Recently, Topaz has increasingly been involved in CTRM replacement and supplementation projects, they said.  For example, it has recently been implemented… continue reading

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