Value Creed Looks to Europe

I recently bumped into Value Creed, a CTRM-focused consultancy and services firm, at E-World. This was a bit of a surprise as I was not aware that the company had a European presence and yet there it was complete with a booth! So, to find out a bit more, I had a follow up call with MD, Priyanker Datta. Value Creed has started looking at growing its business in Europe, he told me, and to that end, had started hiring and will be opening an office in London, UK in July. Value Creed is around 120 people these days, he said, with offices in Dallas, Houston, Calgary, and India. Priyanker explained that Value Creed is focused on support services, usually application support in energy, and that it has been growing and finding success with its particular business model that is based around its practioner’s expertise in IT and energy as well as word of mouth from existing clients. One interesting feature of its approach is it’s LearnSmart program. This is a program where Value Creed puts staff through an intensive and supportive on-the-job training program that involves mentoring, skills development, leadership training and more. It has taken this to various… continue reading

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