Value Creed’s Leveraged CTRM Support may be more valuable now than ever

When companies implement a new CTRM system on-premises (or even in the cloud), perhaps one of the least appreciated aspects of deploying the new system is the need to develop an internal support capability, one in which users have immediate access to both technical and front-end experts to assist in any issues that arise during both the implementation process and in-production use of the system.  These experts, including application support analysts, DBA’s and integration specialists are key resources in ensuring that the business’ most critical application is running efficiently, accurately and is always available when needed. Unfortunately, these are relatively high cost resources, and if they are proactive in their work and can limit unexpected system “fire drills”, they may be dedicating only a few hours a day to their key CTRM duties (excepting, of course, during the periodic system upgrades) and being able to utilize them to the full extent of their specialized capabilities, and to their full value, may be difficult. Recognizing that the experienced and skilled resources necessary for supporting highly complex CTRM systems can be difficult to develop and/or afford for many companies, the founders of Value Creed, a Dallas headquartered company, developed what they call… continue reading
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