A Visit With Agiboo

While in the Netherlands last week, I also took a trip to visit with Agiboo in Almere just outside of Amsterdam. There, I had lunch with Jan van den Brom and Bart Kroon (Managing Partner & Co-founder and CEO respectively). Much of the conversation was about current market conditions, market size and progress at Agiboo with Agiblocks. This was quite topical as ComTech had just released its 2016 Market Update report. My impression was that Agiboo generally agreed with the findings of that report. Agiboo reports that they are growing at a reasonable rate both in revenue and customer count terms and had a pretty full pipeline. However, they agreed that deals were taking longer to close in many instances. Agiboo have been quite innovative in my opinion in terms of marketing activities and they have done a lot of work with audiovisual on their website. I was particularly taken by the Get To Know The People Behind Agiboo page in which Svetlana Tokunova introduces herself and then other members of the Agiboo team. My thanks to the Agiboo team for their kind hospitality.

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