Amphora Leadership Confident in Re-launch of Company

In light of Amphora’s recent press release touting the “reloaded” company, I visited today with Don Levantin, Amphora’s CEO and Rick Nelson, their president, to find out more about the company’s re-emergence onto the CTRM stage after a couple of years of laying low. Mr. Levantin noted that the company has used these last two years to “internalize” their efforts, focusing on upgrading the technology base of their flagship product, Symphony, and advancing their relationship with their customer base.   With the technology update nearing full completion and their customer’s increasingly satisfied with the company’s products and services, Mr. Levantin feels the time is perfect to really start growing the company again and, despite an currently uneven market for CTRM technologies, believes with their newly upgraded capabilities, they can compete effectively for virtually any deal within the bulk commodity trading and management space, including oil, oil products, ags/softs and metals/concentrates. Mr. Nelson echoed the thought, noting that though Amphora has been primarily identified as a provider solutions for oil and oil products players. Amphora’s customer base has for years used their products for managing a wide array of commodities. With their depth of functionality, including a market leading freight capability, he

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