Talking about marketing in the modern era, I recently received an email from TRADESPARENT providing me an update on its activities. Emails are obviously another good way to inform the market by getting directly to an audience that has proactively signed up to receive news. The newsletter also promoted the company’s new video – again one of the more popular methods of promoting software and services in an increasingly digital age. TRADESPARENT is also celebrating 5-years as a business. I got in touch with Vincent van Os of TRADESPARENT to get a bit more information around the content of the newsletter (so I guess it worked!) I was particularly eager to inquire about the new customer it had mentioned – Cebeco Granen. As the largest originator of Dutch grains, the company plays an important role as supplier to the feed industry in the Netherlands and for export, and it will use TRADESPARENT for daily risk and daily PnL reporting. Mr. van Os also told us that it was very close to another deal but that the market was quite challenging at the moment. Apparently, there is significant interest and many potential buyers but costs are constrained making progress slow. Additionally,

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