Catching Up With Powel’s New GM

On August 17th of this year, Powel announced that it had appointed Dr. Josef Janssen as General Manager for its Swiss office. Following on from the acquisition of Delta Energy Solutions, Powel has continued to focus on the broader European markets for its range of software products and Dr. Janssen will now spearhead these efforts. We were recently introduced to Dr. Janssen and had the opportunity to pose a number of questions relating to Powel and its ambitions. Previously Dr. Janssen had been the Head of Trading & Origination at BKW Energie AG, where he led the trading department consisting of traders, analysts and schedulers. There he was responsible for term-, spot- and intraday trading, origination and marketing of reserve energy, in addition to market analysis and scheduling/nomination of various energy programs. Commodities trading included CO₂, power, gas, oil, coal and renewable energy certificates. He is also a Ph.D. Economist by background. After 10-years in trading, Dr. Janssen wanted to see the industry from another point of view and the role at Powel presented such an opportunity from the angle of a solutions supplier and IT. He told us that he expects to capitalize on his expertise in European energy … continue reading

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