DycoTrade and TFK Mercator Merger Update

On the 21st January a surprise announcement entered my email. It was from Dycotrade’s Managing Director, Mr. Ouko Reitsema regarding a merger with TKF Mercator. I was surprised on two levels by this announcement as (1) I will be honest and say that despite tracking the CTRM space for many years, TKF Mercator was a new vendor name to me and (2) the announcement came out of left field. I called Mr. Reitsema to get more information. TFK Mercator is a German CTRM vendor that has been in business since 1988 as a company and still has an installed base of 20 customers in ags and softs. DycoTrade is of course, the Netherlands-based CTRM vendor offering a solution based on the MS Dynamix platform since 2001. Mr. Reitsema told us that he and the owner of TFK Mercator had once been colleagues and had known each other for many years. Due to health reasons, the owner had decided to find a way to retire and merging with DycoTrade was an obvious route. The TFK Mercator software is now a little long in the tooth being based on Visual Basic but DycoTrade willtake on the support for all TFK Mercator customers, … continue reading

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