Dycotrade Growing Strongly

Ouko Reitsema believes that Dycotrade’s success in the market at the moment is due to happy customers and successful implementations. Just back from a US trip where he says demand for Dycotrade solutions has never been higher, he reels of a list of active opportunities on both sides of the pond that he is currently responding to. Most, he tells us are referrals from existing customers. The focus for Dycotrade is Ags & softs and metals including concentrates, however active opportunities and recent wins include dairy, cocoa, coffee, malt and grains. The US market may in part be driven by Dodd-Frank reporting due January 1st next year that will result in large penalties for commodity concerns who fail to report appropriately. Dycotrade now has around 45 customer companies using its software and is coming off the back of a record year in 2015 in which it signed half a dozen or so new clients. Mr. Reitsema believes that it will achieve the same 50% growth rate through 2016 pointing to customer satisfaction as one of the most important ingredients in its recent success.

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