Inatech and TechOil – an end-to-end ETRM for physical oil trading

Recently, I was approached by another relatively new vendor called Inatech. Inatech is a Glencore company and, as stated on its website, “As part of their Oil division, Inatech benefits from the knowledge and expertise of Glencore in oil trading, hedging and management of the entire oil supply chain from exploration and production to retail and distribution.” Intriguing? I thought so. A quick conversation with Rowena Bataille, Marketing Manager with the firm, piqued my interest considerably. Inatech has developed TechOil, an end-to-end cloud-based ETRM for physical oil trading and already boasts a number of customers on the platform. Based on a review of the website and that conversation, it seems TechOil maybe quite a comprehensive product already, with a number of modules for trading, risk management, scheduling, accounting and finance and integration; all delivered in the cloud. Inatech claims that the product supports crude oil, diesel, jet fuel, petrochemicals, Lubricants, Bunkers, Base Oil, Distillates, Bitumen and Gasoil. Actually, this is quite a highly competitive space in the ETRM arena so it will be interesting to learn more through time and to track the vendors progress however, having Glencore behind you certainly seems like it could be a market differentiator?

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