Scalable – An ERP vendor Having Success in Commodity Trading

New vendors (to us anyway) emerge periodically. Most usually, they are in the Ags and Softs space and often based somewhere in Asia – but not always. Recently, the Director of an Australian ERP software vendor based on the MS Dynamics AX platform, called Scalable, reached out to us. Scalable may be a new vendor to me, but it is a company that has more than 30-years in business. Over the last several years, it has developed a Commodity Trading module based on the MS Dynamics AX platform and has seen quite some success with the software. Originally, Scalable developed the Commodity Trading module for an animal feed company. From there, Scalable has sold and implemented its solution in just under 15 companies based in Europe, Canada and Asia-Pacific for such diverse commodities as grains, scrap metal, and biofuels – Many of the CT implementations are with manufacturing companies who recognize the strength of combining Dynamics Ax manufacturing with commodity trading. Mr. John Crew, Director of Scalable, told us that their pipeline is very strong with opportunities across a broad swathe of manufacturing-type companies with commodity trading and risk needs in areas like food manufacturing, millers, animal feed, wool, cotton … continue reading

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