SunGard Adaptiv Eyes Regulatory Changes in Energy and Commodities

Last week, I took a briefing from SunGard regarding its Adaptiv software product line. The software was originally designed for the capital markets that are already highly regulated and already fall under regulations such as MiFiD. With an eye of MiFiD2 and CRD IV impacting energy and commodity trading in the future, SunGard are already seeing a lot of interest from that sector as it prepares for the coming regulations. In particular, the increased emphasis on credit risk, price risk and capital adequacy is driving the interest I was told. Indeed, Sungard already has a major energy client for the product and has worked with it to complete the product for risk and capital management in the energy space. I was intrigued to learn that in early marketing around the product into the energy space, SunGard had experienced an entire range of responses from extremely interested in being proactive about the coming regulations to those that desire to fight it tooth and nail and plan on doing nothing until it is inevitable. Despite this, the Adaptiv platform provides a comprehensive solution for those interested in being ahead of the compliance curve I was told. The concept is that under CRVD … continue reading

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