TRADESPARENT – Enterprise Commodity Risk Management Software to use

TRADESPARENT Risk Management Solutions is a new software application created by the specialist consulting firm – Commodity Services & Solutions (CSS)- and based upon its experiences in commodity trading and financial markets. . In essence, TRADESPARENT comprises a set of data aggregation, risk integration, management and analysis software tools that provide a timely and configurable view on enterprise commodity trading risks. The initial focus of the company and its software is the agricultural and soft commodity markets. Last week I was afforded a demonstration of the software. TRADESPARENT can quickly and easily aggregate data from a variety of underlying trading systems. In fact, this is really the fundamental point of the software; to aggregate trade data from multiple sources across an enterprise for risk analysis. At one current client, TRADESPARENT is for example, aggregating data from systems like SAP, Triple Point and Dycotrade. The solution utilizes an import wizard tool to allow flexible mapping and data normalization rules to be configured. Data can be pulled continuously in near real-time for analysis and review. TRADESPARENT then provides a highly graphical user interface with drilldown capabilities to present the data and perform various analytics. For example, users can quickly see position and/or … continue reading

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