Trayport Contigo – One Year On

It’s just over a year or so ago since Birmingham-based ETRM vendor Contigo was acquired by Trayport to become Trayport Contigo. As that anniversary approached, I ask Mr. Tim Rogers, head of Trayport Contigo‘s sales and business development functions, how it had gone so far……… Earlier this year, you joined Trayport Contigo from Trayport with a focus on sales and business development. How have you settled in to your new role and what have you learned? I’ve settled in very well and I’m thoroughly enjoying the role. My first year has been extremely busy visiting customers and prospects, as well as recruiting. I am very pleased to report that we have more than doubled the size of the team, which has already produced some excellent results during 2014 and will ensure we can meet the increased demand we are experiencing. Trayport Contigo has some exciting opportunities for strong growth across Europe and a very healthy pipeline for 2015. Coming from an industry background responsible for building ETRM for market participants, I recognise the strength in product architecture, deployment and technical expertise that we have here. What I’ve enjoyed most so far is being involved in the healthy industry discussions we have … continue reading

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