Ventriks Takes Off

Richard Quigley says that Ventriks is seeing lots of sales activity and opportunity at the moment and that his new brainchild, in the arena of data management, is well and truly off the ground. With almost 30 staff on board and some early customers, Ventriks benefits from zero legacy and decades of experience at the management level, he told me. Moreover, it is a solution built for the cloud and a pure SaaS multi-tenanted solution. Ventriks describes itself as “a self-service platform for data acquisition, integration and business intelligence, without compromise,” and comprises a data market and a data platform. The idea is to allow users to access the data sources they want to do analysis on, build curves with and so on. With over 100 connectors built by the end of the year, it can already seamlessly access a wide variety of data sources. However, Richard believes that its biggest differentiator is its rules-base engine built from scratch. This allows users up to 12 different programming languages to code the rules and create any rule that is required. Data collection, cleansing, validation, and manipulation is performed in this way. Its curve builder and quality manager apps are also available… continue reading

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