Virtual and Augmented Reality in Commodities?

Last summer, when we undertook the disruptive technology survey, we asked about investment plans and adoption of VR and AR. The view seemed to be that most felt that VR and AR would have no impact on commodities software and technology at all. A very small number at 5% saw it as potentially having impact and the same number said they planned to invest in the technology. We were also hard pressed to find any use cases for VR and AR at all but keying in on things like data visualization, virtual desktops, user training and potentially also in trading, though we saw little in terms of demonstrable progress in any of these areas at the time of writing. For us, writing the report this last summer, it seemed that VR and AR were a long way off in terms of meaningful application in the world of commodity technology. However, in conversation this morning with Mark Tredway over at Enuit, the topic came up. He’d been doing a bit of research in the area and talking with others informally apparently on the topic of what might CTRM software look like in a virtual world? I confess, I am not too… continue reading

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