Visionary changing the future of distribution grids

Visionary, as a startup, belongs the group of companies playing a crucial role in supporting the energy transition by facilitating the modernization of distribution grids. The path to a decarbonized future is closely tied to how we generate and consume electricity. As renewable energy sources become more prevalent, production becomes increasingly localized, ranging from small wind farms to individual households. Similarly, consumption tends to occur locally. This naturally suggests that local demand can be met by local supply, minimizing the need for long-distance transmission. In this context, the distribution grid assumes a central role. While this concept may seem straightforward, its implementation is far from simple. This complexity arises from the mismatch between the timing of energy production and consumption. For instance, solar panels generate energy during the day, while peak consumption typically occurs in the evening. This underscores the importance of energy storage to balance the grid. With electric vehicles creating even higher peaks in demand, the challenge of grid balancing becomes even more intricate, as a single electric vehicle consumes in one hour as much energy as fifteen households do in an entire day, as shared by Constanine Fedossev, the CEO of Visionary. The solution lies in the… continue reading

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