Water, CO2, Hydrogen – Alternatives to Batteries and a Hydrogen Future?

Usually, blogging on CTRMCenter involves a lot of material about software and market trends. All valuable and useful to many in the industry given the statistics for the website. However, occasionally, I like to have a little fun and go a bit off target. This article is one of those and looks at water engines…. yes, you read that right, water engines. Well, why not because as I was always told – where there is smoke, there is fire and after a bit of research this last week, that does seem to be true here too…. Despite quite a bit of hype from the industry about EV sales and popularity, there are signs of weakness in the data. Once subsidies are removed, EV sales tend to fall off and, additionally, there has been some poor publicity afforded to EVs recently from people like Rowan Atkinson, for example, who says even as an early adopter, he feels duped. “In advance of the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow in 2021, Volvo released figures claiming that greenhouse gas emissions during production of an electric car are nearly 70% higher than when manufacturing a petrol one. How so? The problem lies with the lithium-ion batteries fitted… continue reading

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