Welcome to 2024

A happy New Year to all of our readers at CTRMCenter – the place for everything CTRM and related! Please do us a favor this year and introduce your friends and colleagues to our free quality content! 2024 is a year of change and new  beginnings for ComTech. As many will have realised, Irina Reitgruber is now working with us as an affiliate analyst. She will be supporting us in the CTRM and related area with her extensive knowledge and experience but primarily, she will be working to establish a new and important practice area around the energy transition called Energy Transition Technologies. If you are active in this area, please do reach to Irina and introduce your company to her. My friend, longtime partner and colleague, Patrick Reames, will slowly be taking more of a back seat as well in the coming year although he will be the primary force with the Sourcebook update, for example, and will adopt more of an emeritus analyst role longer term. We will also turn the CTRMRadio podcast into a video format podcast this year so as to make it more visually appealing. Many other changes on the cards too that I will… continue reading

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