When Will CTRM Procurement Approaches Change?

Periodically, we talk about procurement at ComTech. For example, we had a CTRMRadio podcast episode on it back a couple of years ago and we have written about it frequently on this blog. We continue to envisage a change on how CTRM and other software procurement is done away from the old RFI/RFP process and to more of a trialing approach with solutions in the cloud. This, of course, driven primarily by the migration of CTRM to the cloud and to SaaS through time. You see, the old RFI/RFP process is time consuming, expensive and, well, likely flawed as a process for a variety of reasons. A favorite of procurement departments especially in public companies that need to demonstrate an open process, this approach can actually be shown to be fraught with risks and expensive. Back in 2017, in a humorous blog on the topic by David Calmonson, he estimated the average RFP to cost 88,000 GBP and he claims that to have been a back of the envelope type calculation with the cost often far exceeding that number. In my follow up blog back in 2017, I went through some of the risks with the RFP approach…it is worth… continue reading

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