The Future of Industry Communication, Networking and Events Post-COVID – CTRMRadio Episode 28

After 2-years of disruption to trade shows, conferences and other networking, informational and educational events in the commodities industries, what have we learned? Is the future face-to-face or online? Are online webinars effective or will podcasting take off as a way to educate and inform?

Commodity Technology Advisory talks to three leaders in the field. First we talk to co-host of the successful Insider’s Guide to Energy podcast, Chris Sass. We then talk to MD of Commodities People, Ben Hillary, about the innovations his organisation made to adapt to the new normal of lockdowns and work from home and where he thinks the tradeshow and conference area will go in the future. Finally, we spoke with James Harris with Geneva-based Commodity Trading Network which organises industry networking events and education.

We’d like to thank our guests for their participation. CTRMRadio is kindly sponsored by Enuit, an award winning provider of CTRM and Commodity Management solutions worldwide and hosted by CTRMCenter – the place for all things CTRM

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