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Commodity Traders, Processors and Marketers

We assist companies seeking new technology solutions to quickly identify a qualified pool of software and services providers and products that can best meet the needs of their unique business models and processes. We are not a consulting company – our services leverage our experience and deep knowledge of the market and technology solutions to provide a fixed price, high quality, and high value deliverable.

Our services are designed to accelerate the technology acquisition, contracting and implementation processes. We do not provide hourly consulting services – we leverage a broad understanding of the market of E/CTRM products and provide a structured deliverable that ensures rapid advancement from needs identification through live use of a new system. Post selection, we provide oversight and project audit capabilities, ensuring all selection and critical implementation decisions are made on an “arm’s length” basis.


Our more than a decade of experience in the E/CTRM markets enables us identify and better understand the emergent trends and issues associated with this increasing complex global technology market. We’ve worked with many of the leading equity and venture investment firms, providing independent, analysis-based assessments of segmented market size, global market trends and market positioning of targeted technology vendors.

Additionally, we provide data room review services and provide expert opinions as to marketability of technology and services solutions.

Product and Services Providers

We provide our clients with the most accurate and up-to-date market knowledge, ensuring the best use of valuable resources and assets in order to meet current and emerging market needs. Our services are tailored to address the unique needs of each of our clients, focusing our efforts in activities that can fill the gaps in their in-house capabilities, and leverage and amplify the company’s strengths in the market. With our background in both trading and technology, we’re uniquely positioned to understand the issues faced by our clients and, through the creation of high value deliverables, address their immediate and long-term needs. Our services include market briefings on competitive positioning and activities, on-demand analyst assistance, whitepaper development, seminar/webinar delivery, proprietary market research, M&A analysis, and more. For information about the services and products we can provide to your organization, please contact us.

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