Talking Oil Price

It can’t be much fun to be Saudi right now. Everyday, talking up the idea that OPEC can and will put the oil market ‘in balance’ (thats price fixer talk for under our control) and then reading how your fellow OPEC members are cheating on their quotas and...
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Speculators In Oil Keep Getting It Wrong

At the end of last November, I wrote about my skepticism around OPEC’s ability to control oil prices. I was commenting that I didn’t understand what the speculators could possibly be thinking as the cost of extracting American oil was coming down and fast as US stocks continued...
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The winter of our discontent in CTRM

Its been a tough winter.  No, the weather hasn’t been particularly bad; in fact in Houston, its been downright balmy most of the time compared to winters past.  This winter has been particularly difficult is because the CTRM markets have gone a bit sideways, having been driven there...
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