New Age Energy Markets - Challenges for Utilities, IPPs and Traders

New Age Energy Markets - Challenges for Utilities, IPPs and Traders

Download: New Age Energy Markets - Challenges for Utilities, IPPs and Traders

The North American power and gas markets are undergoing an accelerating evolution driven by increasing regulation, new and emergent technologies, and a persistent surplus of natural gas brought about by the “shale revolution.” The transformation from a coal-centric power market to one reliant upon renewables and natural gas for baseload power generation has had profound operational and commercial implications for both the electricity and natural gas markets.

Much of the change that has emerged has been catalyzed by regulation at the federal, regional and state levels, including emissions/greenhouse gas regulation and renewable portfolio standards. These regulatory mandates have been largely answered by technology – cheaper and more efficient solar and wind generation, abundant sources of natural gas from long-reach lateral drilling and massive hydraulic fracturing, smart grid technologies that improve grid efficiency and reliability, and more efficient industrial and consumer appliances that reduce system load. In aggregate, these changes have had massive and ongoing impacts across the energy industry in the US, increasing complexity of operations and affecting the business models of many of its participants.

For power utilities, IPP’s and traders, this New Age Energy Market presents a number of challenges that must be addressed to operate profitably.

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Responding To Continual Energy Market Change

Responding To Continual Energy Market Change

Download: Responding To Continual Energy Market Change

The European power and gas industry is currently going through a period of very rapid change that has potentially far reaching consequences. While change is certainly no stranger to the industry, it requires players in the industry to constantly re-evaluate their business process and technology infrastructures in order to adapt and thrive. Examples of the drivers for change include:

- Changes in the regional and national political landscape in terms of both environmental issues and the overall structure of the industry,
- A host of new regulatory and governance regulations,
- Decreased profit margins and,
- Major shifts in all aspects of technology from generation to computing,

Energy companies will need to rapidly respond to these changes and this response will certainly include a review and perhaps upgrade of their Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) and related software.

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Deriving Business Value from Big Data using Sentiment analysis

Deriving Business Value from Big Data using Sentiment analysis

Download: Deriving Business Value from Big Data using Sentiment analysis

‘Big Data’ are two small words that are widely used to describe the massive growth in data of all forms and that hold; the promise of delivering huge potential business impact. The question is, how?

Today, and increasingly in the future, businesses are surrounded by masses of data and raw information. Some of this data is very relevant but much of it is not. Further, most of that data is unstructured in the form of email, documents, images and different types of social media, blogs, and so on. Unstructured data is notoriously difficult to access and query, it is scattered across many different locations and formats, and it requires some form of preprocessing before it can be analyzed and used. Yet, it is this unstructured type data that is primarily exploding in quantity, representing around 80 per cent of the annual growth of data and doubling in quantity every two years.

A few years ago, ‘Big Data’ was just another buzzword; a fad perhaps that would eventually fade. Today though, big data is increasingly being used to provide deep insight and predictive analysis in to everything from stock market movements to individual buying behaviors. Those that are able to make use and harness the power of this disruptive force in markets will benefit by being smarter, faster and more efficient, meaning they are more likely to seize opportunities early and thereby profit. In the financial services industry, this possibility has not been lost on the banks who along with associated firms, are investing heavily in applying a variety of technologies and approaches to unlocking the value of ‘big data’.

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Buy? Build? Why Not Both?

Buy? Build? Why Not Both?

Download: Buy? Build? Why Not Both?

A recent survey and report by analyst firm ComTech Advisory suggests that a majority of users of ETRM/CTRM software might consider building custom software to meet their business requirements. In fact, around 70% of the survey’s respondents suggested they would consider such an option. As ComTech noted in the report, about 35% of the respondents were representatives of the top tier of the industry who have extremely complex, global, multi-commodity supply chain operations to manage. Nonetheless, given the maturing market for commercial E/CTRM solutions, the idea that anyone would chose to build a solution is perhaps surprising. ComTech concluded that especially in todays’ business environment of rising costs and diminished profits, a more appropriate solution might be to build around a commercially available solution.

This white paper examines the pros and cons of build versus buy while also examining other approaches that in the end may offer a cost effective, yet superior solution. It looks at the Brady cloud offering in particular as a potential starting point for a hybrid solution and examines why a hybrid solution may make commercial and functional sense.

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The European power and gas industry is currently going through a period of very rapid change that has potentially far reaching consequences. While change... continue reading


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