Coal – A Lifetime Theme

I was reading a couple of Reuters articles this morning with interest about Coal and Trump’s rolling back of regulations and threats to walk away from the Paris Accord. It’s all very interesting and shows how complex the world actually is compared to Trump’s perhaps rather niave view of it. As I read these articles, it triggered the thought that coal has been a theme during my life. Other Brits of my age will recall the three-day week, National Union of Mining leader – Scargill, and the miners strikes. The battle between Thatcher’s Government and the Miners Union essentially ended the coal mining industry as I had known it anyway. In recent years, what remains of that industry in the UK has been further hammered by plans to end coal-fired power generation by 2020. I recall as a college student the fear and excitement of visiting a working colliery in the UK. The elevator ride was endless and it really felt as if you were headed to hell as it got darker and hotter the deeper that we got. The mine itself was fairly modern and at times, it felt like a surface factory. About half a day later, we
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