Utilidex Aims to Break The Paradigm

A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to get an update from UK-based vendor Utilidex via Mike McCloskey, Director and Co-founder of the company. Utilidex provides an integrated software product for bill validation, procurement and finance called the Utilidex Energy Hub – now in version 2.0. While the software does include an ETRM component, it goes much further in that it includes functionality to pull in meter data, electronic billing files and site data for billing and billing validation purposes as well as perform financial control. In that sense, it crosses the boundary between wholesale and retail power and gas markets such that large commercial and industrials can use the solution to not only procure their energy, manage settlements and keep track of position but also handle all of the data collection, aggregation and billing- side functions that such types of companies need. In that sense, it covers a somewhat unique footprint from our perspective. Utilidex claim that via its software, it is the first in the industry to be able to provide large multi-site, complex HH billing customers with the ability to see what their sites are costing, site-by-site – half by half hour in real pounds and

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