Molecule Software – a different and potentially disruptive company and product

I visited with Sameer Soleja, head of Molecule Software, this week to get an update on their recent developments and get a look at the latest generation of their product.  As I’ve noted in the past writings about the company, Sameer and his team do pride themselves on being different, even disruptive, in the ETRM space.  Their company blog is peppered with posts noting what they believe to be differentiating capabilities – deployed exclusively as a multi-tenanted solution; low priced, all-in (including implementation) month-to-month licensing with no surprises; unique technical capabilities including rapid front-end capture of deals via “natural language” deal entry; and a program of continuous improvement to build-out new capabilities and functions as their market footprint increases. Since their launch 4 years ago, they have grown slowly but steadily and now service a customer base that includes multiple categories of industry players – with particular strength with hedge funds and energy retailers.  In fact their most recent win, signed two months ago, was with an energy retailer.  Sameer notes that they have a few other deals in the pipeline and do expect to sign additional business in the very new future. Being a relatively new offering in the
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Molecule Software – a different and potentially disruptive company and product. This article appeared first on CTRM Center.